Words by Lauryn Njeri

Just as the world of dance opens up again, East London based MC, Toya Delazy whose roots run deep from South Africa graces us with quite the fitting gift:Afrorave Vol. 1

Toya open us up to a wondrous world of innovative and impactful techno, bassline and African percussions embedded under her trademark Zulu raps. Serving up 11 tasteful tracks, she illustrates the breadth, direction and uniqueness of her brand new project as both musically free and exhilarating. 

Drawing upon her South African heritage as well as the cultural nuance of her surroundings in London, Toya Delazy has honed her own unique sonic lane and aesthetic, thriving in a cacophony of colour, beats and translocated culture. 

The album blends electro productions with hip-hop flavours, creating a rippling and uncompromising sound from the fiery percussions on tracks such as “Resurrection” and “Funani” before hitting you with the deeper woozy basslines of “Tini” and smart synth work displayed on “Shakata”.

This invigorating release will leave you pulsing with heady bass warbles and powerful quick-fire vocals. “Afrorave Vol. 1” acts as an exhibition of authenticity, a reaffirming reminder to one of the most expressive young artists coming through right now.

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