B.A.D.mix 002 – Benk0

For the second instalment of B.A.D.mix, we have the steadily rising Benk0. The Internet Public Radio (MX) & Aaja Deptford (GB) resident draws from a diverse set of sounds to create a murky, gritty journey, gripping from start to finish. He also heads up the London-based Ghost Palm Records with co-conspirator Blokssom.

Thanks to Milo Craig for his work on the jingle (@milocraig)


How are things going for you recently?

Things are going well thank you , Enjoying being out in the sun and socialising with people again . 

What have you been up to?

Been hanging out with friends quite a bit  recently , also just started 2 new radio  residencies so been on the search for new music , recently just bought my self a new drum machine so been jamming with it quite allot . 

If you could go back in time, what musical era would you go back to? Why?

There’s quite a few eras I’d like to go back to but I think I’d probably say the early warehouse rave / illegal party era . Would have really like to experience the whole process of hearing about the rave on pirate radio and getting the address , then trying to find the location in the middle of no where with out any sort of gps and then fully experience the dance with no social media , and also experiencing dance music as it was being born must have been pretty mind blowing when you don’t have much refrence of what it can sound like. 

Tell us a bit about the mix.

I tried to capture the essence of the basement raves I miss going to so much with this mix. 

For the first half   I experimented with building intensities by mixing double speed tempos in to slower bpm songs and through out the mix you can hear the dark dubbed out and percussive sounds that I think by now defines my signature sound . 

What’s your favourite track in the mix? How did you discover it?

Tough question as I really like all the songs I play in this mix for different reasons , but I guess I’ll have to say 

Macando Wars by Nicholas. G Padilla released on Space Tapes Miami.

I Found  it through digging through the current electronic music scene in Miami . I actually first heard of Nicholas through a collaboration EP he did with some guys that go by the name of INVT called “Mas Aya”.  Really in to the sound they are pushing out there at the moment it’s a sound I can resonate with allot . 

Finally, who else would you like to see in the series?

I’d like to see Mi-el from the late night shopper crew , she’s been killing it with her recent mixes , one of my favourite to listen to at the moment . 


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