The Tender Sounds of Eddington Again

Words by Tanya Akinola

Berlin-based Californian artist Eddington Again makes left-field music that thoughtfully leans into tenderness and vulnerability. Joining forces with Friends of the New ®, Majestic Casual’s new label and artist services company, Eddington Again now releases a new single Blindsided.

Blindsided sees Eddington Again evoke that soulful touch they’ve swiftly become known for, with nebulous synth pads and slinky percussion serving as a pillow for gliding vocals that lyrically explore the complexities of navigating relationships when you’re “caught off guard”.

Following our chat with Eddington Again as part of our Voices series last May, B.A.D. checks in with the artist again to discuss their time in Berlin, the release of Blindsided and their upcoming plans.

How are you and how are things in Berlin?

I’m doing great actually. Really enjoying Berlin, especially in comparison to L.A.. A lot more affordable and less celebrity obsessed. Been having some issues finding a long term flat, but I’m hoping that’ll change once the summer is over.

I love the scene here. I feel like it’s easier to breathe and experiment. 

How long have you been in Berlin for and how do you find it inspires or impacts your work compared to California?

I’ve been in the city since mid-July. I actually haven’t been recording much since I’ve been here, but I just got a pack from Loraine James’ the other day so I’ve been experimenting with that.

How have you been coping over the past year with the pandemic and how has being a musician changed for you in these times?

Past year has been a lot of self healing and hanging out with people that inspire me for the most part. Moving to Berlin was a big move that was really necessary for my mental and spiritual well being. I feel LA had reached a point where almost every interaction was becoming toxic. It’s like you get to a place in your home where you have to leave to give the home a break. 

What would you like to see change in the music industry now that we’re coming out the other side of what’s been a very hectic period?

More queer people of color in positions of power.

You’ve just released your latest single Blindsided. Can you tell us a bit about the track and the lyrical concept/ideas behind the track?

For Blindsided I was initially trying to express what it felt like being caught off guard, and what it would look and feel like navigating the circumstances in the most ideal direction for myself and the relationships I was involved in at the time.

Musically it’s a perfect fit for Majestic Casual. What inspired the sonic elements of the track?

An overflow of emotions is what inspired most of  the sonic elements. 

Your tracks are often quite personal and this one is no different. How does it feel for you once the release is out there and how are you feeling Blindsided has been received so far?

I’m glad it’s out and the reception has been humbling. I’m eternally grateful for everyone involved from the producer, engineer and label. 

You’re also working on an upcoming EP. Can you tell us a bit about it and when we can expect it to be released?

The EP has been finished since April 2021. Core 22 is out 10/22 or 22/10 in Berlin. EP releases sometime in November. Its a level up I’m really excited to share 

What else are you working on at the moment that’s exciting you and what will you be focusing on for the remainder of the year?

My debut album ‘Timothy’ is up next.

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