Black Artist Database is comprised of a global team, with members spread across the U.K., Europe, Africa and Australia. Get acquainted with the core members pushing the platform forward.


Co-founder and Director

Hi, my name is Nakeitha Delanancy, better known as NIKS. I’m the co-founder of Black Artist Database, all around creative and music lover – namely as a DJing, record collector and discoverer of online music.

On June 4th, a group of friends and I created the original spreadsheet, as our way of supporting the movement that began at the time. This has been a long overdue database and framework, which centres Black artists and creatives in an industry which pushes them to the periphery.

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Director and Content Lead

I’m Khamal, and I’m a Director and Content Lead at Black Artist Database; I also DJ as baby k. I’ve loved dance music and partying since I was about 15, but it took a few more years for it to become more than a hobby – and when Niks called in August 2020 asking me to be a part of B.A.D. (then called Black Bandcamp), I couldn’t say no.

My love for Black music in all its forms drives everything I do, which makes every day at B.A.D. a real joy. Hearing about people discovering new artists through our database, people enjoying our editorial and other content, and working with talented Black people in multiple guises, really does make me truly happy.

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I am a freelance graphic designer and stylist, and also the founder of Hoezine, which is a platform that focuses on the empowerment of our generation, as well as trying to bridge the gap between non-established artists and the creative industry.

What brought me to B.A.D. is that there are much needed Black graphic designers – especially women – to come and own their craft in a very white male dominated world. I personally haven’t seen that many Black female graphic designers, and I don’t really know any other than the Black women that were on the same uni course as me.

B.A.D. is needed because there really is not much recognition for Black music artists – especially of the electronic genre. It’s nice to have a platform where we can find and support newly found Black creatives.

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Visual Lead and Designer

I’m a Visual Artist and Designer based in London. I started my  creative career in luxury fashion working as a print designer for various British fashion brands. In 2020 after being a part of the fashion industry for a number of years I decided to pursue a career that allowed me to have more freedom with my creative outputs setting up my own Artistic practise and multi disciplined creative consultancy. Since then I have worked with critically acclaimed musicians, fashion brands and independent businesses to help develop multiple creative projects.

Working with B.A.D. gave me the opportunity to work on a product which is for and operated by people that look like me as well as directly creating and growing a platform that is uplifting Black folk, to be able to do that in the creative industry is extremely rare and is why I’m here. 

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Social Media Lead

My name is Charnnie, and I’m the Social Media Strategist on the Black Artist Database team. Based out of Naarm (Melbourne), I was introduced to dance music at my very first music festival straight out of high school. With such an eclectic scene here, it quickly became one of my favourite things to do. Dance music has a way of bringing people together and there have been so many moments that have positively impacted me.

Being a part of B.A.D. has become yet another reason for that. Black music has influenced so many aspects of the world and it’s important that the people creating this art are at the forefront. B.A.D. is a space for this and working with other Black people and talent wanting to see this change is so inspiring. 

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Contributing Writer

I’m Tanya Akinola, and I’m a contributing writer at Black Artist Database (B.A.D.). Outside of my work with B.A.D., I’m a freelance writer and DJ, and a music industry professional immersed primarily in the fields of vinyl pressing, distribution and label assistance.

I’ve been working with B.A.D. since around August 2020, assisting the team with general projects and editorial content. As a freelance writer, I’ve had issues in the past with the lack of representation and nuanced understanding of Black artists and our stories/histories, so having the opportunity to work with a platform that is run by Black creatives, and having a space to thoughtfully discuss and platform Black art is incredible. 

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Editorial/Patreon lead

I am an enthusiastic creative from Nairobi, Kenya with a strong love for music and the arts. I define myself as multidimensional. I love to discover and learn. I navigate this life perceiving every experience as an opportunity to grow myself and those around me through collaboration. My life greatly revolves around music. When I am not losing myself in playlists, I enjoy connecting with people, traveling, reading, tie dye and taking long walks in my city’s greenery.

I came to B.A.D. as a writer to help spotlight Black artists from across the globe. My time here has been such an eye opener. There is still much to be done in ensuring that we take up and own the space as Black artists because we deserve it just as much as anyone else!

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[pause] and Creative Database Lead

I am a Sydney-born, Berlin-based music journalist / editor / teacher, and I do a bunch of other things in between. At B.A.D. I’m helping facilitate the [pause] accountability initiative and the Creative Database. 

Like many Black freelance workers in the music industry, I found myself at an impasse last summer. I suddenly had more work offers and requests than ever before, but I knew that they came at the expense of Black trauma, spectacle and devaluation. I felt a huge amount of admiration for Black Bandcamp’s vision, so approached them for advice on creating a similar database for Black journalists, editors, academics, photographers, and visual artists. Long (and beautiful) story short, we were so entirely on the same page that we combined our mission. That project is now part of the Black Artist Database expansion, where we will surface the richness of creative talent from the Black diaspora, in pursuit of wage equity, transparency and stable employment for our community.

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[pause] and Creative Database Lead

Hello, I’m Carin, Head Agent at OUTER, the agency and management arm of Berlin Atonal. With a decade of experience in the music industry ranging from promoting small shows to booking worldwide tours, I’ve always been deeply dedicated to championing the independent spirit. I’ve recently collaborated with the legendary label Tresor in curating a 52-track compilation spanning the history and future of electronic music, and am also a founding member of the Independent Agency Collective.

After following the efforts made to create a database for black artists and seeing how successful the project was, I felt empowered to share my ideas with the B.A.D. team. I am naturally drawn to situations where there is an opportunity to dismantle gatekeeping, so this platform felt like the place to do it in exactly the right time. It’s about time we demand more equitable spaces for all and B.A.D. is here to create a platform for those conversations to turn to action.

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KMRU (Joseph Kamaru)


Joseph Kamaru, aka KMRU, is a sound artist and experimental ambient musician, raised in Nairobi, Kenya, and currently based in Berlin where he is a Master’s student in Sound Studies and Sonic Arts at the Universität der Künste. His works deal with discourses of field recording, improvisation, noise, ambient, machine learning, radio art and expansive hypnotic drones. He has earned international acclaim from his performances in far-flung locales as well as his ambient recordings, including the 2020 album Peel released on Editions Mego.

I joined B.A.D. as a contributor/volunteer from the African continent, to introduce more musicians and artists from the continent to the platform and help on curatorial aspects from Africa.

Primarily B.A.D. is needed to showcase as many Black artists, producers and black owned labels, a platform to represent authentic and an inclusive Black community within the music industry.

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Oscar (O.N.A)

Partnerships Lead

Hey, I’m Oscar. I’m currently based in Berlin, where I work as a Producer, DJ, and freelance Creative and Strategic Consultant. Prior to my move to Berlin, I worked for an international fashion marketing and talent agency in London. Like the rest of the team, I’m passionate about music and dedicated to learning, growing, and investing in my community.

As a record collector firstly, and as a largely self-taught instrumentalist, I’ve spent most of my life exploring, enjoying, and studying Black music and its many offspring. Growing up in Manchester, in a Cameroonian household, I was exposed to a wide range of Black art and creativity. I’m a child of the blues, Fela’s afrobeat, Nina Simone’s black classical music, Parliament’s funk, and 4Hero’s breaks. These harmonies, rhythms, and messages influence almost every aspect of my life, just as they have influenced much of the world that we live in.

Historically, Black creatives have been excluded from enjoying the products of their work. The pandemic highlighted how Black artists are still struggling and compromising to take part in industries that profit from our culture, without duly rewarding or respecting us. I was inspired by the critical work that the team at B.A.D. were doing in 2020, and I wanted to contribute whatever I could to support and amplify other Black creatives. Working with people who share similar missions and values has been incredibly enriching and discovering loads of new amazing music has been an added bonus!

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