We can only start this by giving thanks.

Thanks first, foremost, and forever, to our wonderful team at B.A.D. The months leading up to last week’s relaunch have been tough, and without the brilliance, tenacity, care and love of the squad, nothing we have done, are doing, or will do, would be possible. So:

Thank you Bethan. Thank you Carin. Thank you Charnnie. Thank you Christine. Thank you Daniel. Thank you Denise. Thank you Jessica. Thank you Joseph. Thank you Lauryn. Thank you Miles. Thank you Oscar. Thank you Ranen. Thank you Rushell. Thank you Shiba. Thank you Tanya.

Thank you also to our volunteers, who again we’d be lost without; special mentions to Kieran, Jamie and Léo who have committed countless hours to both the old and current website; your contributions are immeasurable. A big thank you to Ceci, Hermione, Zach, and Raag for their support and contributions over the past 11 months.

Thanks to everyone in the community who showed us love from the beginning, from the little messages of encouragement, taking the time out to give us tips and advice, to all those who made space for us on their platforms, and gave us opportunities to reach the community. Those displays of care and trust give us the drive to keep at it.

Ultimately, the reason we’re both here doing this is simple; we want electronic music to be equitable; to create environments where Black people – the originators – can thrive.

We want to make this scene, this community, this industry, a better place for Black people. Only then will it become a better place for everyone.

Every day is a great day.

Niks & Kay