Words by Lauryn Njeri

Bria Mccollum, artistically known as Ergo, Bria is effortlessly pushing boundaries in the realm of Pop Punk. The Atlanta native gives quite the introduction on her debut EP, “Ergo” where she brings forth a mix of clean and distorted guitars, catchy choruses and pristine harmonies, mingling together with delicate lyrical prowess. 

Bria shines as a force to be reckoned with. Not only does she play most of the instruments heard in the pulsating 5-track EP, she also admirably produces in the back of her car. With a passion for genre bending, she uses her background as a classical pianist, violist, and violinist to create a completely different arena of music. 

In between the heavy hitting drum beats and electric basslines, Ergo expresses themes of racism, politics, mental health, love and heartbreak while telling relatable stories about her self discovery, vulnerability and the things that make her come alive. The effortless ebb and flow throughout this project leaves listeners in a state of ecstasy, which allows us to intimately connect with her profound musings. 

Ergo, Bria is unquestionably one to watch as she curves her way through the scene. Her striking style choices, thought provoking lyricism and uniquely ethereal vocals break the typical barriers of musical artistry, giving a breath of clean air, sure to leave you wanting more. 


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