Words by Kay Ferdinand

Welcome to Voices by Black Artist Database; a mixed media series of interviews with talented Black artists and music industry members, where we champion the voices of Black people within the global electronic music sphere.

August blesses us with a special conversation between old friends. Both Nairobi natives, and two of the most exciting experimental artists worldwide, [MONRHEA] and KMRU, discuss coming up in the Nairobi scene, varying approaches to production and [MONRHEA]’s burgeoning BYTE collective, centred around live coding in music. Essential listening.


This conversation was recorded 3rd August 2021, and published 25th August 2021.

Many thanks to Usher Lavelle for his work on editing the podcasts (Twitter/IG: @usherlavelle), and Milo Craig for the jingle (IG: @milocraig).


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