Words by Kay Ferdinand

Welcome to Voices by Black Artist Database; a mixed media series of interviews with talented Black artists and music industry members, where we champion the voices of Black people within the global electronic music sphere.

This month we sit down A Guy Called Gerald, a true dance music icon. Pioneering both in the acid house and jungle realm, the importance of this man’s effect on electronic music cannot be understated. Expect musings on his early days, the industry of the future and more in this wide ranging discussion.


With the backing of many musicians, artists, and his management team, A Guy Called Gerald is seeking support with a Crowdfunder campaign which aims to raise funds for mounting a long-overdue legal challenge against Rham Records, the company making illegal deals with digital distributors, taking streaming income from services such as Spotify, claiming royalties, and exploiting Gerald’s image, likeness and intellectual property without permission. The time has come to take a stand. This company definitively does not have the right to profit from A Guy Called Gerald’s music. Gerald is looking to raise £20,000, and supporters will be rewarded with a selection of previously unreleased music.

The music industry is full of stories like Gerald’s: fighting back in this way is a declaration not just for him as an individual, but for every single artist that enters into a relationship of trust with the labels that are there to support them, only to find that they are exploited and left without their deserved financial reward.

Please support A Guy Called Gerald’s legal challenge in this fight for rightful compensation by visiting his Crowdfunder page at https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/a-guy-called-gerald.


This conversation was recorded 30th June 2021, and published 15th July 2021.

The views and opinions expressed by Gerald in this piece are those of the artist and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Black Artist Database.

We draw significant support from the shared experiences of our community, and we remain faithful to our goal of amplifying these voices and experiences.

Many thanks to Usher Lavelle for his work on editing the podcasts (Twitter/IG: @usherlavelle), and Milo Craig for the jingle (IG: @milocraig).


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