October Picks with AGYENA

Nürnberg raised, Leipzig based neuroscientist and DJ AGYENA’s approach to the club is often nostalgic, preserving the true spirit of the dance floor through his fusion of playful rhythms and expansive, uplifting melodies from different genres and decades. We caught up with the busy artist in-between gigs to find out what his favourite current selections are – check them out below.

NSDOS – No Title

NSDOS has been interesting to me for a long time now. Since I am a researcher myself, I admire his scientific approach to producing music, especially because of the movement input he uses (I studied cognitive science and wrote my thesis on synchronicity in motor coordination). At some point I want to combine my music production with my scientific background; his work is exceptionally inspiring to me.

Crystallmess – Just Because It’s a Funeral Doesn’t Mean We Can’t Rave

I really don’t know why I‘ve only recently discovered her. Her music productions and performance are straight forward and I love it.

RP Boo – Finally Here (ft. Afiya)

Also a recent discovery through his release ‘Established!‘ on Planet Mu. Every track has something special to it. The diverse rhythms, melody, and harmonics RP Boo incorporates on this LP made me fall in love with it instantly.

The Josh Craig – The Foundation

His album ‘Who We Are As People’ speaks to me in a very direct way. It feels very raw, yet full of dynamism and creates a dreamy yet adventurous atmosphere.

Young Lychee – trust issues

He’s part of the new era fast-paced Electro producers and DJs in Berlin and part of Raider’s Records. They have a huge impact on current club music in Berlin and I welcome the high energy electro grooves and rhythms they bring to the dance floors.