Words by Lauryn Njeri

Photo by Ruma

UK singer-songwriter, Morgan Munroe makes a powerful debut with the release of her long awaited EP, “Layers 0.5“.

Moving through the passionate encounters of an empowered, independent woman navigating love and self worth, Morgan is unapologetic in letting her soft sultry vibe ooze effortlessly through the 5-track EP. “All of these songs are written from true and personal experiences,” Morgan explains. “Five songs that show five different layers to me, musically and personally.

Released on the 13th of November, Layers 0.5 is a collection of easily enjoyable bops graced with Morgan’s silky harmonies and relatable themes.

How have you been keeping yourself busy all through the global pandemic?

I’ve been on Instagram a lot lol, taking part in lotsss of music challenges and competitions on Insta-live’s. I’ve been finding creative new things to do… I had a go at making my own music video, I also started making clothes, decorating the house, and a lot of Netflix!

The title to your EP is ‘Layers 0.5’. Tell us a little more about it?

I called my EP layers because I feel like every song shows a different layer of my personality and also highlights a different musical element of my music.

What are some of the lessons you learnt from your mother that led you to write ‘mama taught me’?

Never give up, own it, don’t cry over boys who aren’t worth it, put yourself first.

I’m keen to know about what inspired the track “Who The F@#*”.

F*** boys, lol! I think at the time I was very bored with my love life and wanted to do something about that but all I was being met with was unwanted attention from all the wrong boys and never the ones who I actually wanted it from.

With this being your debut EP what are you hoping your listeners take from it?

I want my listeners to get to know me, to peel back the layers of my artistry and find something within my music that they can connect with.

Do you have a favourite record off this body of work? Why that specific track?

Take me home – it’s my personal banger. Allowed me to explore a more sultry side which I usually keep hidden, since this song I think I’ve felt more comfortable in expressing this side through my music.

Tell us one thing about yourself that no one would expect?

I have a pet tortoise named Shelly.

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