June Picks with Sarah Farina

For B.A.D.’s June Picks, we reached out to Berlin based DJ, producer and activist Sarah Farina to take us through her current favourite Bandcamp selections. Having enthralled audiences with her forward-thinking and bass-heavy sound which she’s coined “Rainbow Bass”, Sarah Farina is pushing electronic music in exciting directions both with her innovative sound palette and her community minded approach.

Off the dance floor, you can find her co-running the label, event series and radio show Rec Room alongside DJ Uta, Kepler and LUZ1E and working with Dr. Kerstin Meißner on Transmission, a project geared towards making the political relevance and history of international sound, club and rave culture audible and visible.

Check out Sarah Farina’s June picks below. 

DJ Delish – Cmear

Everything that DJ Delish releases has this insane groove that always makes me want to dance! I love her signature sound and the way she programs the drums in her songs. It’s inspiring for me as a producer and really widens my music production horizons.

Shygirl – Want More

Shygirl is absolute fire, I honestly can’t wait to play “Want More“ in a club when dance floors are open again. I love the tension that builds up within the song. 

Griffit Vigo – Ree’s Vibe

“Ree’s Vibe (2020 Remastered)“ is one of my favourite Gqom tracks. The first time I heard it was at the Nyege Nyege Festival in Uganda back in 2018, I believe my friend Phatstoki played it (who is a sick DJ!). The track has such rawness and just shows how much power are in drums. The other time I heard it when Sho Madjozi performed live in Berlin at the club Griessmühle for CTM Festival in 2019. She and her dancers went off and the energy was insane, I can’t put it into words to be honest ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I’m just so thankful that I was there!

Jana Rush – Mynd Fuc

Mynd Fuc is one of the most creative songs I’ve heard in a long time. I really can’t wait for the whole album to come out! 

Tai Davis – Dat Ass Sit (That Acid) 

Tai Davis is a producer and vocalist from Chicago who mostly works with vintage gear – the sound of his songs is so clear and pumping. “Dat Ass Sit (That Acid)” is such a fun track for the dance floor.


UNIIQU3 – UNIIQU3’s Groove (Get Down) 

I’ve been a fan of UNIIQU3 for many years and she never disappoints and releases banger after banger – I don’t how she does it.