For the final Bandcamp Friday we hit up creatives in Lusaka, who shared some of the tracks they’ve been enjoying with us on Bandcamp as well as Mvesesani; a Zambian online music store showcasing the latest in Zambian music.

Check out their selections below.

Ms Selfie

Ms Selfie is a Zambian based Afro House DJ who joined the scene in September 2018 and shortly became one of the most sought after DJs. Ms Selfie infuses new and nostalgic sounds to evoke freedom of expression and the joy Afro House music is known for.

She has since toured Southern Africa and is actively taking part in a DJ mentoring program known as Rackless Kazi which is an interactive residency featuring an all women line up. 

She was recently featured in an article by Mixmag as being one of the Women Changing The Face of Electronic And Dance music 2021. 

Sampa The Great – Final Form

I first saw Sampa The Great perform live on her Final Form tour in Lusaka, and of course my favorite song is Final Form. It just has that good vibe energy with it and reminds you of just how powerful you are.

SHE Spells Doom – Drums of Affliction

My favorite song by SHE Spells Doom Has to be Drums of Affliction. It’s the energy it carries that I connect with the most because this is my go to sound. I’m an Afro House lover and so I connect more with this kind of rhythm. 

Cee Thr33 – The Recipe

My favorite song by Cee Thr33 is The Recipe. This is a laidback tune done by one of the talents to lookout for on the Zambian scene. He flows so effortlessly on a beat with relatable content. This particular song is more on celebrating personal achievements and being grateful.

Kreative Nativez

We are Kreative Nativez, A house Music Producer / DJ Duo composed of childhood friends from Lusaka, Zambia.

Holstar – Afropolitan

An underrated Zambian hip hop artist. Through his social media we found this inspirational song that encourages and uplifts, beautifully blended with Afro Jazz.

Boddhi Satva – Sufferance Go Terminate

From the King of ancestral house, this song makes us appreciate the Nigerian sounds and drums, with so much energy and Afrocentric vibes. 

Sampa The Great – Final Form

As one of the fastest rising MCs, this artist has bars. She’s Black, Zambian and a true symbol of Black Power.

Milky Way

Goes by the name Milky Way…considers herself an all around music lover & enthusiast, a feminist and one of Zambia’s top concert DJs.

Time’s an Illusion – Sage Nebulous

Sometimes music is all about the instrumentation. This is one of my favourites by him

Katika! (feat. Mars Maasai & MR​.​LU​*​) – XPRSO

Worth a listen, self explanatory and simplicity at its best. 

Elementality – MX Blouse

I just recently got on the MX Blouse wagon. It’s something different, a uniquely nice difference. I Stan.

SHE Spells Doom

SHE Spells Doom is an experimental Electronic music project created by Zambian music producer – Wamya Tembo. His hazy, drum heavy sound takes inspiration from a number of influences, such as: 80s Sci-Fi/Horror movies, House, Techno, (Congolese) Rhumba/Soukous, Gqom and early 2000s Rap production.

Gvijin – Destiny

Been waiting on this hypnotic banger to drop since Gvijin posted a snippet on Instagram. Such a smooth record! Gvijin definitely came through on the vocals and production.

mojek – Killa Cam

mojek’s been one of my faves for years. Whenever someone’s asked me for a track ID when I’ve played out, it usually ends up being something by him. He delivered again on this flip of a Cam’ron classic.

Karen Nyame KG – Koko (feat. Mista Silva) 

If Summer were a song, this would be it! KG and Mista Silva absolutely smashed it. I’ve had it on repeat since it dropped.

Chembomusic – Drowning 

The thing I like about this track is how Chembomusic strikes a balance between old and new. Her vocals are mature and rich and still mesh well with the contemporary production.

Listen and purchase the track on Mvesesani here.

Chanda Mbao – Sense (feat. T-Low) 

Sunny, infectious vibes from Chanda Mbao and T-Low here. Hard to stay still when this comes on.

Listen and purchase the track on Mvesesani here.

Cee Thr33 – Lusaka (feat. SonaIsTheName & KRYTIC)

Such an anthem! I feel like Cee Thr33 really captured the essence and attitude of Lusaka as it is right now on this one.

Listen and purchase the track on Mvesesani here.