B.A.D.mix 007 – C.FRIM

Gear up for a whirlwind of a mix from Naarm’s C.FRIM, making her way through a fiercely energetic 60 minutes of diasporic selections. Top tier selections, blended with excellence.

Thanks to Milo Craig for his work on the jingle (@milocraig)


How are things going for you recently?

Life has been treating me good!

What have you been up to?

We just emerged out of the longest lockdown here in Naarm (Melbourne), so a lot of my time at
the moment has been reconnecting with the crew, eating good and dusting off my USB’s to sus
out whether I still remember how to DJ anymore.

If you could go back in time, what musical era would you go back to? Why?

For me, it would probably be peak Soundsystem/Soundclash culture in Jamaica. I would have
loved to witness the rise of dancehall in its most raw form. I guess we get to experience some of
it through records and mp3 rips, but it would have been wild to actually experience in real life.

Tell us a bit about the mix.

I dug out most of these tracks during lockdown and have been itching to play them out. Being
asked to curate a mix can often be anxiety-inducing, but I had mad fun putting this one together.
I honestly decided just to hit record and feel out the tracks as I went.

What’s your favourite track in the mix? How did you discover it?

There’s way too many to choose from, but I think it’s giving ‘Eau Coulée Smart City’ by GЯEG. I
can’t remember how I found it exactly, but it was most likely deep in a late-night Bandcamp
splurge. You know how it is!

Finally, who else would you like to see in the series?

For sure CaucasianOppurtunities – she’s been killing it.


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